Dr. Michele Fercho, R.Psych., Director


  (403) 245-3211   info@ferchopsychologicalservices.com

Michele is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing for 20 years. She received her education in Calgary, Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky. She has worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and one of her specialty areas is in assessment and treatment of families and children dealing with externalizing problems such as attention and oppositionality. She occasionally speaks to and consults with pediatricians and family doctors in the area about helping their patients manage oppositional behaviours.

She has been involved in several research projects and has recently received a Clinical Advancement Grant and is currently heading up a research project that is assessing treatment outcomes.

She works successfully with clients to help them overcome depression, anxiety, grief and loss adding a mindful perspective to her client centered care. She also specializes in helping couples resolve conflict and learn how to have healthier and happier connections.