Kristen Deschamps, BA (Hons), MPH


  (403) 245-3211

Kristen is a psychometrist with Brighter Psychology. She completed her honours degree in psychology with a special interest in cognitive functioning and neuropsychology, which led her to work in several research and clinical positions following graduation. She has gained experience working her with children and adults through psychometry, neurofeedback therapy, and research projects. After a few years of work, she decided to pursue her Master of Public Health, specialising in health promotion, through the University of Alberta. She has a passion for ongoing learning, especially when it comes to people and their unique experiences. Aside from her academic background and professional experiences, she enjoys leading a busy lifestyle. She has an adorable miniature Australian Shepherd named Kinley who is charismatic and full of energy, and they explore outdoors as much as they can. She also loves board games with friends and family, staying active, and connecting with new people.