The Psychology Clinic

Provides services including psychoeducational assessment, psychological assessment, psychotherapy, counselling and consultation for children, teens, adults and families for concerns including: Learning Problems, Behaviour Problems, Mood and Habit Disorders, Depression, Family and Relationship challenges.

The Anxiety Clinic

Designed to assist individuals and their families with the often-debilitating effects of anxiety disorders. Serving children, teens, adults, and their families by providing psychological assessment, psychotherapy, counselling and consultation for anxiety based difficulties.

The Stress Clinic

Provides stress counselling and support to build your personal resiliency, enhance your assertiveness, create successful relationships, manage illness more effectively, learn effective strategies to manage emotional responses, build healthy habits, build self-confidence manage work pressures effectively and increase your physical well-being

Online Therapy And Telehealth

Telehealth or online therapy means that sessions take place online from your computer, tablet, or phone. Take advantage of experiencing counselling from the comfort of your preferred location. We offer telehealth sessions, using an approved video platform that is encrypted and protects your privacy. Please contact us for more information.